Fine Art boudoir celebrates the artistic elements of woman's body. Maybe it's curvature, or textures of fabrics against the skin, or the brush of a fingertip across the lips. Whatever it is that is being photographed, it is creating beauty from angles, glances and unspoken words. It's about organic beauty. 

We did this boudoir session in a beautiful hotel in Avignon, France. With its classical French architecture, we absolutely enjoyed bathing ourselves in such unique romance. And the outdoor part was taken in the lovely backyard of the hotel. Look at that soft, beautiful sunset light! 

The L'eclipse bridal set: The Lace Atelier from Miss Bride Wedding Shop  Robe: Adoria from BHLDN Silk flower: Angélica Fleurs Film scanning: Richard photo lab

Featured in Magnolia Rouge

boudoir in Provence