There is nothing more beautiful than photographing a family in love, a parent-to-be with an ocean of kindness in heart. The mother Stella is a combination of wisdom and grace, a wonderful wife but also one of the most humble persons I’ve even known. Speaking of her twin boys, her eyes sparkled, and a childlike smile appeared on her face. They made everything easy and make me feel lucky to be found. Every gentle touch, every kiss and whisper, is telling me how precious the babies are.

Photographing motherhood is definitely one of my favorite jobs. It’s more about the quiet moments between the mom to be and her baby, it’s more about the inner beauty and inner joy. Sometimes the story of being a mom needs no audible expression to fall from lips to be understood, while in the silence of visual stillness, the unspoken mood can be heard in a beautiful and breathtaking way. Mastering this art of motherhood, is one of my greatest aspirations.

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